do wii games work on wii u gamepad

How to Play Wii Games on the Wii U WITHOUT a TV - YouTube

· Hi, this video shows you how to play Wii games on a Wii U without a sensor Bar. So it shows how to enter the Wii Mode on a Wii U straight from start up so you can use the Sensor Strip on the Wii U

How do DS games work on Wii U Virtual Console? - Wii U

For Wii U on the Wii U, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How do DS games work on Wii U Virtual Console?".

The Way Games Work - Wii U GamePad - YouTube

· This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

Portable Nintendo Wii U - YouTube

· Hi, this video shows you how to make your Nintendo Wii U portable. It is NOT as portable as the Nintendo Switch because you still have to carry the Wii U console but you can take it and use it

Nintendo Support: How to Play Wii Games on the Wii U

If the latest system update has been applied, you can select either TV Only or TV & GamePad depending on which device you would like to use as a display. You must use the Wii Remote that is set as player one to perform this action. If needed, you can change the order of controllers synced with the Wii U console.

Wii games that work with wii u gamepad only : wiiu

The only ones that do are the ones in the eShop, and even those have to support for Wii classic controller, specifically, since the Wii U Gamepad would work as a classic controller.

How to Play Wii Games on the Wii U: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

· No. You can play the Wii games on Wii U without Wii, but if you want to continue where you left off, you must do the Wii system transfer (this requires a Wii).

Playing Nintendo Wii games on the Wii U (Digital

· This button does not work with screen readers. Please use the previous link instead. Select a community. Search by Keyword . Search. Nintendo Support Forums Nintendo Wii U Family Playing Nintendo Wii games on the Wii U (Digital & Physical) C Cloud9Skywalker. Playing Nintendo Wii games on the Wii U (Digital & Physical) Recently I acquired this TV → ***Edited to remove external link, please do

Wii U GamePad - Wii U Wiki Guide - IGN

The Wii U Game Pad is the console's standard controller and comes packed in with the console. The GamePad, which has a touch screen display, is used for all native Wii U games, though additional

What is the Wii U? Everything you need to know about

If you’ve heard the Wii U name before but don’t quite know what it’s all about, you’re in the right place. Video game publisher Nintendo has a new home console on the way, and we’re

My Wii U gamepad touchscreen has suddenly become

I have had the system since launch and had no issues. Anyway, all of a sudden the touchscreen on my gamepad is not working. I'm on the Wii U menu, and some of the gamepads buttons work, and the image is showing on the gamepad correctly but the touchscreen for some reason isn't working.

can you play Wii games on the gamepad? - Wii U Message

All they needed to do was install drivers for the GamePad on the Wii OS for it to work, something that would have been extremely easy to do. Obviously games that require motion controls wont work or at least work properly, but anything that supports the Classic Controller should work flawlessly on the GamePad.

Wii U GamePad - Wikipedia

The Wii U GamePad is the standard game controller for Nintendo's Wii U home video game console. Incorporating traits from tablet computers, the GamePad has traditional input methods (such as buttons, dual analog sticks, and a D-pad), touchscreen controls, and motion controls.

Wii U gamepad won't charge - Wii U Message Board for

Did you try a different outlet, or plug something else in to make sure it works? And if nothing happened that might have bent or damaged the connection port for the charging cable, then it sounds like you'll be calling Nintendo customer service.

Do you need the gamepad for the Wii U? | IGN Boards

· And so here's my point: the Wii U gamepad as far as I'm aware, you don't need it for the NSMB game, and that you would equally not need it for Luigi U. The Wii U still accepts Wii controllers ...

Is the Wii U usable as a console without the Gamepad

· Also, while most games can use a Wii U Pro Controller as an alternate means of play, those same games don't necessarily support the Wii remote / nunchuck controller combination. Again, if this is how you wish to play your games you'll want to check individual game compatibility.

How do Wii games look on the Wii U gamepad? : wiiu

How do Wii games look on the Wii U gamepad? I've been looking for the answer to this question all over youtube. Is the image displayed only on the TV? Or also on the Gamepad? 11 comments. share. save hide report. 38% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by . best. best top new controversial

Can I use the Wii U GamePad on a Wii Virtual Console game

If you have the Wii VC game, you can't use the gamepad as a controller; you need to use a Wiimote with a classic controller. However, if you claim the game through the Wii Shop on your Wii U, you'll be eligible to upgrade to the Wii U version of the game for a small fee (I think $ ?), and you can use the gamepad with that version.

Can You Play Wii U Games on the Wii? |

To play any Wii U games, the Wii U console is required. The Wii U is backwards compatible, which means it plays previous generations of games made for the Nintendo Wii. The Wii U console also allows a person to access WiiWare and Virtual Console games that may have been previously purchased on the Wii. Because the Wii U is a new generation of

How well does Wii emulation work on the Wii U? | IGN Boards

· I'm gearing up to pick up a Wii U this holiday season, and I am wondering how well the Wii emulation works on it. I have a bunch of Wii games I never got around to before I sold my Wii, so I have

[Guide] Hacking the Wii U without a GamePad |

· Well, that depends how much you like the Wii U library of games. You can play the Zelda Games without the GamePad, however, many other games require the GamePad to work, such as Mario Maker, Xenoblade, Splatoon, Paper Mario, and many more.

Can you use the Wii U Gamepad and Pro Controller to play

· This may seem like a weird question but I am currently looking at getting a Wii U on sale but I am just not sure whether you can use the Pro Controller and Gamepad with Wii games.

My Wii U wont load a Wii game??? - Wii U - GameFAQs

My Wii U keeps freezing or turning off when I load a game!?? Answered: Our wii u is frozen with a wii game running. Any suggestions? Answered: Can I download Just Dance content for the Wii version of the game on a Wii U? Answered: How to transfer downloaded save data for a Wii game to a Wii U console? Answered

The Wii U Controller Now Works On PC Games, Courtesy Of

Reader Chris is doing the world a great service with his work transforming the Wii U's big pad into something you can use on a PC. The video above shows how you can re-map the pad to almost

Why you can’t play Wii games using Wii U’s Gamepad

Being the only next-gen console with backward compatibility, Wii U will happily play all original Wii games and you can even play them on the Wii U Gamepad (they look great on the smaller screen, by the way). The caveat is that you must use original Wii controllers – you cannot use the Gamepad controllers. Attempts to do so will earn you an

How the Wii U Works | HowStuffWorks

In fact, many WIi U games, including Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros U, still use the Wii Remote for control. Understanding how the Wii U works means looking at its brand new GamePad, Nintendo's new eShop, its play for living room dominance called Nintendo TVii, and, of course, a new generation of video games.

Can you play wii u games on gamepad? | IGN Boards

· How do I play Sonic Lost World on the Wii U GamePad? Does a family member want to watch TV? No problem. On the Wii U GamePad, press the black and white icon located at the top of the GamePad

How to Play Wii Games On Your Wii U Gamepad | N4G

There is no problem if the games are specifically designed to use Wii-mote. That's just how these games are. But a lot of wii games have support for classic-controls / gamecube controller. And that would have been a good feature to have. It's just a shame it isn't there. I really hope they manage to get it in. eh.

Wii U controller and virtual console games | Nintendo

· -Nintendo Wii games need the original controllers used by the original Nintendo Wii game itself, those being the Wii Remote/Wii RemotePlus, Nunchuk, and/or Wii Remote/Wii RemotePlus + Classic Controller/Classic Controller PRO, depending on the controls used originally. Notably, Wii Virtual Console games that used the Wii Classic Controller can now also be played using the Wii U GamePad.

Gamepad vs Pro Controller : wiiu

You can still use both controllers just in case you need to touch your screen. Some games require you to use the gamepad. Wii games are not compatible with a Wii U Pro controller, but you can also get the Wii Pro controller because iirc Wii Pro controllers are like the Wii U ones, and are compatible with most games …

List of Wii games with traditional control schemes - Wikipedia

Like the revised Wii models, the Wii U does not include GameCube controller ports, but a USB peripheral, released in November , allows players to use GameCube controllers with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. This peripheral will not work for any other games.

Can Wii Games be played on the Wii U? - Nintendo Fan Club

Just wondering, because recently i have been hearing about a Wii U, and i was wondering if regular Wii Games can be played for it, because i have a lot of Wii Games, and i might buy a Wii U (if i

Do Japanese Wii Controllers work w/ American Wiis

Do Japanese Wii Controllers work w/ American Wiis This topic is locked from further discussion. Cliff Follow Forum Posts. 0. Wiki Points. 0. Followers. Reviews: 0. User Lists: 0 #1 Cliff16 ...

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Doesn't Require the Wii U's GamePad

· If you'd prefer to use something smaller, you won't be forced to use the Wii U GamePad when playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.. During a …

List of Wii U games that use the Wii U Pro Controller

This is a list of released and upcoming video games for the Wii U home video game console which allow use of the Wii U Pro Controller. This list does not include games released on Nintendo's Virtual Console as the Wii U Pro Controller can also be used for all Wii U Virtual Console games.

Nintendo Support: Using the Wii U GamePad in Wii Mode FAQ

Because the Wii U GamePad's Sensor Bar is used with the Wii Remote, the Wii U GamePad needs to be facing the Wii Remote. The Wii Remote may not work if it is pointed down 45 degrees or more, such as when the Wii U GamePad is placed horizontally on a lap, table, or other flat surface.

Do Wii games work on the Wii U Console - New Super Mario

I have just tried to sync old remotes with the Wii u. I can turn console on and off with them but that is all. I have tried about 10 times and have now given up.

Can I use the gamepad to play Wii games that are - reddit

· The Wii games made available on the Wii U Eshop work with the game pad. So Metroid trilogy and Wii punch out, for otherwise, no. Booting a game from the Wii menu means no Wii U controller capability aside from being able to use the game pad as a screen.

Hidden Gems for the Nintendo Wii U -

Most critics enjoyed the game's bizarre story and its use of the Wii U GamePad. Others felt the difficulty level asked a bit much from players. One thing is for certain: The Wonderful is one of the best games available for the Wii U and should be treated as such.

How to Sync a Wii U GamePad with a Wii U Console - Nintendo

If the Wii U GamePad screen is off, press the power button and then the SYNC button. If a screen with a red x between an image of the GamePad and Wii U Console is shown, press the SYNC button on the Wii U Console again and start over from step 3 above. Make sure you are close enough to the console and move closer if necessary.

How do Wii games look on the wii u? (disc not digitall

Just curious as the wii u is backward compatible, I had a wii years ago but not at the moment and there are a lot of games I wouldn't mind getting again to play on the wii u, just wondering how

[Tutorial] How to play Gamecube, PS1, & N64 games from the

· For a while now it's been possible to play Gamecube games directly with the Wii U gamepad as a controller. Not only this, you can also play PS1 and N64 games from the gamepad as well! This essentially makes it into a portable experience, well if you're close enough to the console that is. For those who love playing things off-TV, this is a really amazing feature to utilize. You could also play

How to Play Wii U Games on Your PC With Cemu

Cemu—the Nintendo Wii U emulator—is now a mature program with good performance on most systems. If you’d like to play Wii U games on your PC with all the benefits of an emulator, Cemu is the way to go.

Wii on Wii U Virtual Console: Injecting Games | GBAtemp

· This is awesome, I didn't even think this would even be possible at this point. I can't wait to play some of the best Wii (classic controller controlled) games right on my Wii U gamepad. Shame mods don't work though, Project M would be perfect for this.

Don't Forget the Wii U's Camera - Kotaku

The view of the game that the Wii U pumps out to the TV screen is for same-room spectators. With the GamePad player focused on the controller screen in their hands, they won't see this stream of

Wii U GamePad: Console gaming with no TV required | Engadget

· One interesting note: It's possible to play on the GamePad even when no AV cables are connected to the Wii U. Obviously that won't work for every game – notably any game …

do wii games work on wii u gamepad