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People with MS often cite lack of support from their employer as a reason for giving up work. But those who have supportive employers, and for whom reasonable adjustments are made, tend to stay in work for many years after being diagnosed. Often, it’s just a matter of working out how to use their skills and experience in a slightly different way.

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MS in the workplace: employers' guide A guide for employers: your questions about MS and how you can support your employee Be the first to review this product

MS in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers - National MS

· MS Learn Online is the National MS Society's online educational webcast series. This video is a resource for employers, featuring discussions about multiple sclerosis in the workplace.

Multiple Sclerosis and the Workplace - The Benefits Guide

Be accommodating. With small accommodations and simple modifications to their work stations, many people with MS can stay productive and remain at work. Be positive. People with disabilities bring diversity to your workplace. They can provide the valuable perspective that comes with different circumstances and experiences. Build a top-down culture of inclusion, to help you attract and retain …

Hidden Cameras in the Workplace: An Employer’s Guide

If an employer can walk around the corner and see what you’re doing, they can record what you’re doing when they’re not there. It is an unreasonable expectation of privacy to expect privacy in a “public” …


*workplace – means any plant, yard, premises, room or other place where an employee or employees are engaged in the performance of labor or service over which the employer has the right of access or control. (per Title 26, Chapter 1)

Employer Reference Guide - Mississippi

Employer Reference Guide Mississippi Department of Employment Security Monetary Eligibility A valid claim for unemployment insurance benefits is established only if the individual qualifies monetarily and establishes a benefit year.

Workplace Harassment Guide for California Employers | MSK Blog

The Workplace Harassment Guide for California Employers is available here. (more…) Posted in Labor & Employment , MSK Blog and tagged DFEH , Government Code , Section , Workplace Harassment Guide for California Employers on May 24, by mskllp .

MS in the Workplace: Know Your Rights Under the Law

There are many laws and accommodations in place to help a person with multiple sclerosis (MS) manage the condition while continuing to work. Get tips on dealing with MS in the workplace, including when to disclose your diagnosis to your employer and what special job accommodations to request.

MS in the Workplace | Everyday Health

Multiple sclerosis (MS) often interferes with a person’s ability to work, or at least to continue doing the same job in the same way. With certain accommodations, though, many people can

An Employer's Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Mississippi

An Employer's Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Mississippi By David M. Steingold , Contributing Author Most Mississippi businesses with employees are required to pay for workers’ compensation insurance (WC or workers’ comp insurance).

Transsexual Workers: An Employer's Guide: Janis Walworth

· Transsexual Workers: An Employer's Guide [Janis Walworth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here is the second edition of Transsexual Workers, updated in to reflect the latest changes in corporate practices

Political Speech in the Workplace: A Private Employer's Guide

Analysis Political Speech in the Workplace: A Private Employer's Guide While private employers are generally free to restrict political speech in the workplace, any employment policies regulating

An Employer's Guide to Managing Professionals on the

· An Employer's Guide to Managing Professionals on the Autism Spectrum stands out for its comprehensive and contemporary presentation of information. Its delivery of crisp situational guidance makes it unique and especially useful in today's competitive landscape, where employers are looking to tap into this unexplored talent pool. I highly

Privacy guide for MyAnalytics admins - Workplace

This page answers key questions on how MyAnalytics processes information in a manner that protects employee privacy and supports compliance with local regulations, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). MyAnalytics is not designed to enable employee evaluation, tracking, automated

Employer's Guide: How To Prevent Fatigue in the Workplace

Overexertion is the leading cause of non-fatal workplace accidents, resulting in often serious (and even fatal) injuries.. According to the National Safety Council, it accounts for the largest contributor to worker’s compensation bigger question remains: does fatigue play a role in occupational injury – and can employers do something about it?


MISSISSIPPI WORKERS’ COMPENSATION CLAIMS GUIDE Chapter 1 THE BASICS WHAT IS WORKERS’ COMPENSATION? Workers’ compensation is a social program that is designed to provide wage replacement and medical benefits to workers who are injured on the job. Although the roots of workers’ compensation can be found in Germany in the

Autism and the Workplace: A Guide for Employers

OAR collaborated with the District of Columbia Public Schools to produce a short resource entitled Understanding Autism: An Employer’s Guide to help front line supervisors support their employees with autism in the workplace. The guide will offer basic information about autism and the workplace, as well as keys to success that supervisors can


RIGHTS A Guide for California Employers August - 2 - 1. Introduction to Immigration Enforcement 2. Immigration Enforcement in the Workplace 3. Rights and Best Practices if ICE Comes to the Workplace 4. Additional Resources for Employers and Employees INTRODUCTION TO IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT Review of Immigration Enforcement: How do people get caught up by ICE? …

Christianity in the Workplace: An Employer's Guide to

Christianity in the Workplace: An Employer’s Guide to Christian Beliefs This resource was produced in collaboration with the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship and the Evangelical Alliance to provide employers with insight on how Christian beliefs might manifest in the workplace, as well as exploring and analysing the relevant law in the area.

Safety & Security in the Workplace: Ultimate Guide | Kisi

Become a security expert with our Physical Security Guide (free download).. Security is one of the most vital aspects that a person looks in a workplace before joining the company. It is the duty of the firm to provide a secure working environment to its employees.

Employer’s Guide: Move beyond Compliance: AAUW

Know Your Rights at Work Sexual Harassment Employer’s Guide: Move Beyond Compliance. As an employer you must know that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of is a federal law that prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of …

Diabetes in the Workplace: How You Can Help Your Employees

Bottom Line. It is vital that you, the employer, offer continual support to employees with diabetes in the workplace with resources like blood sugar management techniques and healthy food choices. By educating them on diabetes management and outlining the benefits and services offered in their health plan, you can help them cope with their condition.

Sexual Harassment: An employer's guide - California

Punishments that do not take into account the need to maintain a harassment-free workplace may subject an employer to a suit by the EEOC. Employers may have to remove employees who have engaged in particularly severe or pervasive harassment from the workplace if their mere presence would render the working environment hostile. Posting requirement

An employer's guide to tackling bullying and harassment at

Dealing with Employee Tips as an Employer

Employers in service industries have a unique pay and tax situation that involves income that employees receive from tips. The person doing the tipping and the person getting tipped are both in the transaction, but if you own a business in which employees are tipped, you need to know how to handle the taxes and payment on those tips.

Guide to Vermont’s Laws on Marijuana in the Workplace

Vermont employers need to understand what protections the various marijuana laws provide, both for the employer and its employees. Vermont employers must understand how Vermont’s marijuana laws interact with other workplace protections, such as legal protections for individuals with disabilities. This guide will address both Vermont’s

Section Guide for Employers & Educators - Braille Works

Reasonable workplace accommodations. Accommodations will vary for each person based on specific needs; however, the workplace must be accessible for a person with a disability. An accessible workplace might include providing an alternative to print documents such as a reader, an interpreter, or accessible digital devices.

Workplace Security Awareness Policy: Template & Tips | Kisi

Workplace security awareness and physical security. Unauthorized access and security is the most common threat that any organization might face. Sometimes an unescorted visitor may be less dangerous to a company than a fraudulent worker who has access to sensitive information. Loss or leakage of data may bring financial damage, disclosure of

Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

policy were adapted from: Anti-Harassment Policies for the Workplace: An Employer’s Guide – Canadian Human Rights Commission in cooperation with Human Resources Development Canada and Status of Women Canada, October In developing a harassment prevention program, employers must also be aware of the requirements of The Human Rights Code.

Physical Activity in the Workplace

Physical Activity in the Workplace A Guide for Employers Prepared by The Institute for Health and Productivity Studies, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Physical Activity Employer User Guide . This work was conducted as part of the Workplace Health Research Network, which is supported by Cooperative Agreement Number 3U48DP from the Centers for Disease Control …

An Employer’s Guide to Policy Approaches

employers to use in the planning and implementation of policies that support employee health. Policy approach: It should be noted that this toolkit is focused on policy approaches to workplace health, which may be just one component of a larger workplace wellness program or initiative. While we recognize that maximum effectiveness is achieved

MS in workplace: tips for employers -

“I spend so much of my time trying to help patients help employers understand what can be done to modify the workplace and what patients’ skills are,” Lellelid said. One thing that employers need to know about MS is that it affects each patient differently, both in symptoms and in progression.

Creating a Workplace Wellness Committee

Creating a Workplace Wellness Committee A ToolkiT for EmployErs Congratulations! By choosing to implement a Workplace Wellness Program you are making a smart investment in the health and productivity of your people and your organization. This toolkit will help you get started by providing step-by-step instructions on how to create one of the most

Sexual harassment: An employer’s guide | News

Sexual harassment: An employer’s guide. Employers have an incentive to identify and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace because it is absolutely the right thing to do. Employers also have an incentive to protect themselves from harm. Here is a guide for employers to use in identifying sexual harassment so they are better-positioned to

Fatigue: What Can Employers Do? - National Safety Council

Research estimates that 13% of workplace injuries can be attributed to fatigue, and 43% of Americans admit they may be too tired to function safely at work. Following are some steps employers can take to reduce the risk of fatigue in their workplace and assist their employees in getting the proper amount of sleep. Optimize Schedules

Help For Employers - CMHA Toronto

Managers and Staff to help employers and managers understand how to assist a colleague with a mental health concern and appropriately accommodate them in the workplace. This new guide outlines key skills employers and managers in Ontario workplaces should have when an employee presents a mental health concern. It’s divided into three parts

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Laws.

WORKPLACE DRUG AND ALCOHOL STATE-BY-STATE LEGAL STATUS GUIDE This document provides an overview of the status and procedural requirements for drug and alcohol testing from state to state. Several types of law govern drug and alcohol testing. Mandatory laws lay out requirements for any employer in that state who conducts testing.

Christianity in the Workplace | ADF International

Christianity in the Workplace: An Employers Guide to Christian Beliefs. A significant proportion of employees in the workplace are professing Christians. Employers may wish to facilitate an inclusive working environment that respects the religious beliefs of employees in meaningful ways.

Employers' Guide | National Kidney Foundation

Tax credits may also be available to companies that hire someone who is certified as medically handicapped by the State Employment Office. (The government considers kidney failure a "handicap.") Tax credits may also be available to employers who make workplace changes to accommodate a handicapped employee.

Engaging Employers: A Guide for Disability and Workforce

Understanding the Business Customer’s Needs. In addition to using business-oriented language, employers have identified a set of key principles for “doing business with business” that can guide employment service providers in creating a track record of success in building strong relationships with employers and thus positioning themselves as a valuable partner in the business services arena.

Transgender Employees in the Workplace: Rights & Resources

This helpful guide is for transgender workers, from new graduates just entering the workforce to seasoned working professionals, as well as employers and hiring managers. Learn more about current transgender workplace rights, how to navigate some of the biggest workplace and job hunting concerns, and see what employers can do to lay the

Hidden Cameras in the Workplace: An Employer’s Guide

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Ergonomics In The Workplace And Office Safety Tips

· Furthermore, in this age of regulation and compliance, it’s actually a requirement for employers to look after workplace safety and health. With this in mind, in this post we examine the whole issue of ergonomics in the workplace and office safety. We look at the basics of what’s involved and what you need to be aware of as an employer.

Addiction in the Workplace: Tips for Employers | For

Addiction in the Workplace: Tips for Employers Employers should promptly and properly deal with employees they suspect of abusing.


4. Remember to promote the employer’s inclusive workplace strategy from the start. 5. Determine the mission statement and goals for the program, which should be in line with values and expectations of the business, organization, or agency. 6. Determine the need and available resources for the program, including budgetary

Trust In The Workplace: What Does It Mean To You

· What does trust in the workplace mean to you? Matt Ontell, Customer Success Manager, Yammer: It allows me to focus on my job, without second-guessing what others are doing. Trust helps avoid or eliminate bureaucracy, unnecessary process, and excessive oversight that can both inhibit innovation and slow progress. It is by building trust that

Employer's Guide to Type 1

Employer’s Rights. As the employer, you do have certain rights to protect yourself. If you have a legitimate reason to believe that diabetes may be affecting an employee’s ability to do their job, you may ask questions or require the employee to have a medical examination.

Workplace Resources |

At Tanenbaum we train employers to end harassment against and between employees. One way to stop harassment is to get the facts about diverse religious beliefs. Below are fact sheets and other resources that can help end harassment and bullying. To learn more, contact us at [email protected] or call ( )

SafetyWorks!: Sample Programs

Flammable Liquids Storage - An employer guide to proper storage procedures for flammable liquids. N RESPIRATORY PROTECTION PROGRAM - State of Maine public sector employers who require n respirators to be used are required to have this program in place. This is a guide to be in compliance.

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